Inspirational Poems

The Sprint to Emergence

There’s a shift
A shaking I have not imagined
My nest stirred
More like my water turned
The incidence and reflected rays no longer meeting

The darkness all around; fatally wounded by The Light;
the veil to pierce
Heaven the earth to kiss
The letter cracked
And word is finally clothed in flesh

There’s a transmogrification
All around me falling apart
All within me aren’t helping out
It is the end of an age
The old; her way to give

The gravid a David to be
And the vision; its reader to set on his heel
We no longer can dwell in the normal
Our big is cracking up
We are set to build again

The night is far spent
And the sun is springing up from the horizon
Haze and fog all clear
Cumulonimbus melt away
Because the day is here

We’re dead so as to live
Our glass ceiling shattered ere on this floor
Because we have our eyes beyond
On the battle that lies ahead
Because there lies our bread and hope to EMERGE!!!

Fiat lux!

About the author

Yeni Manuel

Ayeni Emmanuel Olaoluwa; Yeni Manuel for short is a young and agile man with the vision to "light up your light". He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Civil Engineering from Nigeria's foremost University of Technology; The Federal University of Technology, Akure. He has passion for writing and a legendary penchant for human development. He loves reading, travelling, researching, counselling and taking time to talk people to life. He's a practising graduate engineer and certified PMP and he enjoys it.

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