Dear Joe,
Let’s get to the beginning; from the account of old man, Moses. He spoke so comprehensively of the order in the creative power of God in creating the heavens and the earth in five days. Then came the board meeting of the God-head and the discussion to make man. God spoke: “Let us make man in our image, make them reflecting our nature so they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air … and yes, earth itself” He created man after creating the environment.

I’ll want you to look, see and behold the order in this story. The man was named Adam. He was needed for a purpose before he came. Yeah! He; Director (God) gave him a job afterwards. He was appointed as the CEO of “Eden Garden Resort”, a position that requires diligence and a high level of responsibility.
He will be taking care of the whole company while the Director will only come in the evening to inspect what is going on. The work was getting more serious by day. The guy Adam was really a hardworking guy. He was tending the crops and was not lazy in taking care of the animals. His record was okay. The Director thought of compensating him in the work he was doing. He will be giving him a shocking surprise. It was a whole package, well-thought of plan. There is this other staff the Director has been planning to bring into the company. She is quite different in configuration. The facial expression is gracious.

She’s not muscular as MD Adam. She has a succulent skin, blue pair of eyes, curves with every other stuffs in the right place and in the right proportion. I must tell you that this lady was also created for titillation of the soul of the Mr Adam. Just in time the director sent her (I’m not sure if it’s via DHL, EMS or it was Jumia). All I know is that she arrived just in time to assume work. The price was paid in full. Adam needn’t work up himself. He was a ready man. It was an instant clinging for him.
Now Joe, that is the order of things. You need to get a life first. The first thing is not a life partner. You’ve not figured out where you’re heading in life, why are you running after who will follow you? This is you that cannot even be responsible enough to rinse your cup of gaari. Here you are chasing girls around and singing a song of “give me my future partner”. Get a life! First thing first! What you need now is life not a life partner. If after the whole parade of swags on Instagram all you are asking for is a girl to do washing for you. you need a washing machine not yet a wife. You can’t wash your dirty dishes? You need a dishwasher not a wife.
Brace up joe! If at this age of yours, what you’re thinking of is how to get some girls roused up emotionally without having the understanding of where you are headed in life. You need to raise up your hand above your head. Raise it a bit more. Yes, give yourself a hard knock at the centre of your head. Now that is a reset button. While you are here thinking small, your sensible mates are far ahead of you because they own up for their lives. They took responsibility for their deeds and misdeeds. You need to do same too.


Can’t you see? Time is not just going these days. time just got a nitro boost. You’re aging fast.
You are the oldest you’ve ever been today. But you are the youngest you will ever be also. Make this moment count. Getting a wife without getting a life first is dangerous. I really wish Jane is reading this too. A man who doesn’t plan his life well is a disaster going somewhere to happen. Get a vocation to learn if your dream job is not coming yet. Get a skill. Lay your hand on something no matter how little.

You need to better your life. Be busy with it. Improve yourself. Get your priorities lined up, your goals written, your life planned. Even you were created because you were planned for. You cannot take anyone into the future you’ve not thoroughly planned for. If the feeling that you need to get a lady is appealing to you. It is an indication that you need to get a life.
Life always determine a partner. For every Adam there is always an Eve that is getting set to join him on the field. When you meet your Eve you will know her. You will clique just perfectly. When she comes, she will be like a missing link in your life. A piece of puzzle you need to complete you. She will come to complement you and not compete with you.
If you want to have a fulfilled life you must have a life filled-full with adequate preparation. Don’t just get packaged. Get prepared. Be contained. Packaging without content is a deception. If you’ve not found yourself before finding her you will end up disappointing her, disappointing yourself. She will meet you empty. There will be no regard for you. You don’t want that, do you? This is why I’m telling you to get a life now.


There was once a Paul like you who was racing fast and furiously through life without having a grasp of life. He later admits to putting away childish things when he became a man. You need to do same. Get a life. It is the best thing you can do for you now. A word is enough for a wise, those who want more are otherwise.
Amore cum ab,
’Yeni ’Manuel
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